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Our Staff

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Pastor Mike and & Mizell
Lead Pastors

Pastor Mike and Sheila Mizell have been Lead Pastors at Bethel Temple since 1993. They were married in 1986. They have two children. Their daughter, Bekah, serves in ministry along side her husband, Derek, at Bethel Temple. They have two daughters. Their son, Dakota, and his wife, Trina, also serve in various areas of ministry at Bethel and have 4 children.

Under Pastor Mike’s leadership, Bethel Temple has experienced tremendous growth with people coming from all walks of life and denominational backgrounds. Pastor Mike’s passion is to see the body of Christ united as the family of God, a place where everyone is someone and has something to contribute.

Outreach and missions are huge components that drive his vision and leadership. Under his leadership, sermons and teachings are solidly biblical and transformational, outreach is priority and services are designed to be engaging and uplifting. Pastor Mike has a heart for people and is approachable on all levels.
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Pastor Brent & Rachael Shields
Executive Pastors for Worship and Arts

Pastor Brent and Rachael came to Bethel Temple in 1998 as music pastors. They were married in 1999. They have 3 children, Landry, Makenna and Maddox.

In his spare time, he enjoys helping with his kids’ sports teams and activities and spending time with his family. He also enjoys being in the boat on a lake anywhere in the summer.

His goal in ministry is for Bethel’s team to foster an environment where the Holy Spirit if free to move as He sees fit, to be effective for the Kingdom. His heart is to see the old and the young, the new believer and the seasoned saint experience the presence of a Holy God each time we gather and watch how He becomes exactly what each one needs no matter what walk of life they come from.
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Pastor Stephanie & Jason Rhea
Outreach and Assimilation Pastors

Pastor Stephanie Rhea has held the position of Bethel Temple’s Outreach and Assimilation Pastor since May 2019. She has a heart and a passion for reaching the lost, unchurched people in the Cleburne community and beyond. Pastor Stephanie has a drive to motivate the Church into action through outreach opportunities that are centered around the two greatest commandments; loving God and loving our neighbors according to Matthew 22:36-40. 

Pastor Stephanie attends Bethel Temple with her husband, Jason, and their three boys, Robert, Cory, and Jase. Pastor Stephanie joined Bethel Temple in 1997, where she met Jason the following year while both were serving in Youth Ministry. They have been happily married since 2002.

Pastor Stephanie attended Christ for the Nations Bible College and graduated with an Associates in Practical Theology. She has been a licensed Assemblies of God minister since 2005. Since graduating high school in 1997 and moving from her hometown in Wisconsin to Texas, Pastor Stephanie has been involved in various areas of ministry in a variety of churches across Cleburne, Texas.

Pastor Stephanie is about her Father’s business. She dives headfirst into the Lord’s work, isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and puts her whole heart into her ministry. She is a willing and obedient servant to the Lord and she has a true gift in helping others live their lives as devoted followers to our Savior, Jesus.
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Pastor Derek & Bekah Brewer
Student Ministries Pastors

Pastor Derek stepped into the role of Youth Pastor in January 2021. He has a heart for teens and helping them through all challenges that life may bring. Pastor Derek is bivocational, with the majority of his time being spent as the Boys' Athletic Coordinator and Coach at Wheat Middle School. He has been at Wheat Middle School since 2011.

Pastor Derek is married to Bekah Brewer and they have two girls, Audrey and Emersyn. The whole family is very involved in serving Bethel and reaching the community of Cleburne.

Pastor Derek attended SAGU and played football and baseball there. He graduated in 2011 with a degree in Secondary Education. He joined his wife in Cleburne, where she was on staff at Bethel Temple as the Children's Pastor. In 2017, they stepped down as Children's Pastors and became involved in other areas of ministry in the church. 

In Pastor Derek's spare time, you can find him working out or watching football. He loves to have fun, and can often be found in the middle of any kind of game the students are playing. Pastor Derek's motto is to lead by example, and that's just what he does. You will never find him sitting on the side watching. He dives head first into everything Bethel Temple does.
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Service Times

Sunday School: 9:30 AM
Sunday Worship: 8:30 & 10:45 AM
Wednesday Family Activities: 7:00 PM

Office Hours and Location:
Monday-Thursday from 9:00 AM till 4:30 PM
600 S Colonial Dr Cleburne, TX 76033