H.U.G.S., Helping Understand Grief Service, is a grief service for adults and children ages 4-18 offered by Bethel Temple in Cleburne, which is faith based and focuses on creating community. 

There are two programs that will be offered in the Spring of 2020.  Each program will last for thirteen weeks.
GriefShare is for adults and is a nationally known program focusing on grief support and giving tools for journeying through grief.  
HUGS for Kids, for ages 4-18 is a faith based, community building, group support for children and teens.  Though the use of crafts, art, games and group support, children and teens who have experienced a loss of a parent, sibling, grandparent or significant person in their life, learn ways to cope in situations full of stress because of grief by learning to support each other and to turn to God.
We will kick off our 2020 sessions on January 16th and they will run through April 16th.  To register, click here.
Interested in any of our HUGS programs? 
 Send us an email Hugs@bethelcleburne.org.