What is 2 Hearts Ministry? 

2 Hearts Ministry is built on the idea that marriage is a call for two individuals to become one in marriage (Ephesians 5:31). While the call is clear, the process is unclear and often blurred by cultural norms. 2 Hearts Ministry seeks to pair couples together for mentoring and coaching. 
Under the current trends, people marrying for the first time face a 40-50% risk of divorce in their lifetime. 2 Hearts Ministry seeks to equip newlyweds and those experiencing some type of crisis with tools to fight through the storm and build a stronger and healthier marriage. 
Why 2 Hearts? 
2 Hearts is intentionally relational. Seasoned couples come alongside another couples as friends, guiding, encouraging and imparting life skills that result in a better communication, conflict resolution and overall martial satisfaction. These newly acquired skills, all from a Biblical perspective, enable couples to experience the oneness God intended for them from the moment they said, “I do.” 
By pairing couples with seasoned couples, a relationship is built and lifestyle mentoring can occur. People learn better if they can see and experience life lessons rather than simply sitting in a classroom setting. 
How do I get involved? 
If you are  a newly married couple or if you are married couple experiencing a rough patch, simply indicate your desire to be in a mentoring coaching relationship with another couple. That’s it, once you have indicated your desire to be in 2 Hearts Ministry, your mentoring couple will contact you. 
If you are a seasoned couple that has been married for a good length of time and desire to come along side another couple to coach and mentor, simply let us know. A time of orientation will be set up with a brief training session. 
for more information email: or call the church office (817)645.2781